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Meet your stylist ​

Sioban "Damalia" Majeed

Salon Owner / Master Stylist / Educator

Certified Colorist/ Curly Hair Textures/ Healthy Hair Care

Sioban "Damalia" Abdul-Majeed, Visionary of Damalia Hair Studio and Founder of the Texture Prodigy Academy  . She is a 27 year hair industry veteran and native of Camden N.J. She has always had a love for the Hair and Fashion Industry . Her talents have taken her from salon owner, educator, New York Fashion Week , video, and various magazine publications . She has transformed many clients from NJ, Philly, Baltimore, Atlanta, and now the San Antonio area. She loves to travel , going to cafes , good music and shopping , her unique style has taken her around the world to see and meet other beauty professionals who want to give there guests an extraordinary experience. Damalia's seemingly effortless approach and undeniable ability has established her as an industry leader. 

Her love for color and curls came from the fact of teaching her clients to embrace there natural texture as well as teaching them about how to care for there hair properly.  Damalia is also a advocate for stylists to always continue with education  as helping them to  understand that the industry is need of stylists to know how to style and care for all textures of hair as well as bringing attention to industry of diversity , inclusion and equity in the industry with big brands and companies , as well as  salons to help them understand the need for African -Americans stylist not only to sale products to our communities but to also include them on there boards of big brands , educational teams , as well as stage teams , behind the scenes on set for fashion week as well as television and movie sets  presence as well as advertising and entertainment this is where THE TEXTURE PRODIGY ACADEMY was born .


When you love what you do it shows - Damalia Majeed

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