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 TPA Level 1 Certification Class 1 on 1 Class for licensed Cosmetologist  

Are you ready to learn the foundation of styling curly and coily hair ? Are you ready to take your skills as a stylist to the next level ? Are you wanting to serve every texture and every client ? With this class you learn : Proper Verbiage of working with textured hair , learning the concept of the different fabrics of hair ,we will also cover what type of product works with different fabrics of curls and coils, as well as learning double strand twist , flat twist , finger coils and a proper wash and go .   

This Class is 1 on 1 

4 hours long 

Includes hands on and mannequin  (Please Note personal classes are on Mondays and Tuesdays only ) 

Must be a licensed cosmetologist and proof is required unless outside of US 

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TPA Level 2 Certification Class licensed Cosmo

Now that you have taken and learned foundations in  TPA1  are your ready for level 2 ? Its time to take it up another notch ! With this level 2 TPA certification you will be learning the Prodigy Cut learn how to properly shape and cut curly and coily hair as well as TPA signature highlight placement and the concept of formulation properly for textured hair . 

Included : hands on fundamentals and mannequin 

Must be Level 1 Certified 

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Learn how to build your business and charge what you are worth. By providing a sought-after service, you will be able to grow.


When we list students on our Texture Prodigy Academy  stylist locator, they see results immediately. Get discovered by your local curly community.


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